game room at hostelBudget-minded travelers looking for a safe, affordable trip frequently flock to hostels for their journeys. Hostels offer convenient and inexpensive options for cost-conscious globetrotters, while still providing a safe spot for visitors. However, these savings are sometimes easy to notice by the lack of amenities. Hostels are still seen by some travelers as dorm rooms for travelers, with some even featuring shared showers and rooms for guests.

This isn’t always the case, nor should it be. Affordable accommodations can still offer top-notch amenities for travelers to enjoy as they experience all the world has to offer. Hostels with great amenities still offer visitors a comfortable stay without breaking the bank, leaving their guests with more money to enjoy the sights and sounds of their destination.

Here are five amenities travelers should look for in a hostel:

1. Private Rooms

For many travelers, hostels conjure an image of crowded, shared rooms with shared bathrooms among a large group of strangers; this isn’t always the case. For a slight increase in cost, though still lower than most hotel rooms, many hostels are now offering private rooms and bathrooms for travelers. This offers privacy for travelers under budget. This is a great amenity for families looking to see the world on a budget.

2. Group Activities

Many travelers choose hostels not only for the savings but to enjoy the company of other travelers. Solo travelers meet others on their journeys and build a sense of camaraderie during their travels. Hostels help facilitate these new friendships and sense of family by having group activities for their guests to enjoy. Travelers staying at hostels are offered certain amenities, such as group tours and outings for guests. These activities bring people from across the world, and throughout all different cultures, together. This is a great experience for solo travelers and helps facilitate friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. Take advantage of opportunities like these during your stay if you can.

3. Table Games

Group activities for guests are great, but that’s not all hostels can provide for their visitors. Having activities available for guests on-site, such as foosball and pool tables, is a great way for hostels to ensure everyone enjoys their stay while bringing travelers together in a safe, relaxing environment. Nightlife tours and group outings aren’t for everyone, but many guests still want a chance to mix and mingle with their fellow travelers. Through on-site activities, such as table games, guests have more opportunities to interact with their fellow travelers without loud bars and clubs or long walking tours. This is just another way for you to interact with the other guests and make friends during your stay.

4. Home-Cooked Meals

For hostel-goers on longer trips, homesickness can begin to set in. This, along with a desire to save money, has many travelers looking for ways to save money on food costs during their trip. Luckily, if you fall into this category during your trip, an amenity frequently offered to guests are home-cooked meals. This offers you and other guests the chance to not only save money on meals but also to experience part of the culture through meals and camaraderie in the comfort of the hostel.

5. Free, Reliable Wi-fi

We now live in a time where everyone wants to be connected to the rest of the world, no matter where they are. However, international travelers are also wary of outrageous fees for using their data in foreign countries. Hostels frequently offer free wi-fi to guests as a way to ensure they can remain connected to family and friends back home. This isn’t a new amenity and is a simple one to provide. However, reliability and speed are still necessary for guests. Chain hotels still struggle to get this simple amenity right. Hostels, however, often provide higher quality internet access for their guests for no additional cost, keeping visitors connected throughout their stay.