If you’re not familiar with Canton, Ohio, then you likely don’t know it’s home to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. There are many other attractions in this city, too. I had heard of Canton, but I wasn’t familiar with it being the home of the Hall of Fame for the NFL. The McKinley Presidential Library and Museum is also there. Which one would you visit first?

I’d have to visit both, but I think I would visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame first. Football isn’t my favorite sport, baseball is, but I still like watching games every so often and definitely enjoy the Super Bowl every year. The McKinley Presidential Library & Museum may surprise you though because there is a dinosaur exhibit and much more cool stuff that awaits you.

Now let’s step up the fun a bit more even by taking you to the Classic Car Museum. Who wouldn’t have fun looking at classic cars that are in mint condition and great representations of years gone by? There are even vehicles from the 1920’s there, and most people that review this place on travel sites give it a great rating. What else would you like to do while you’re in Canton?

I’m going to come up with a good one here, so the next attraction is the Gervassi Vineyard, and you are in store for a tour of the winery. Naturally, this is going to include a wine tasting event, and that can set up your evening at one of the fine restaurants that Canton, Ohio has to offer. Another unique attraction in Canton is the Canton Palace Theater.

By the way, if you’re wanting to get a good idea of the local cuisine that is served up at different restaurants in the city of Canton, there is a Canton Food Tour that you can take. You can also visit the National First Ladies Library, the downtown district, which is full of culture and arts, and then there is the Canton Museum of Art as well.

A favorite attraction for the kids aside from many of the ones already mentioned is Sippo Lake Park, which offers The Exploration Gateway. If you want to check out a mall type atmosphere, then there is the Belden Village Mall. For the people that like nightlife, there are at least 12 bars and clubs in the area. There is plenty to do in Canton, Ohio.