The fun thing about choosing hotel apps for the iOS is that they are remarkably similar to looking at search results for hotels on a search engine. The big boys in the hotel search industry are still topping rankings, and their companion apps are a good reason why. There really isn’t a huge difference in the prices found between the apps, so the big winner is always going to be which one is easiest to use.


The free Orbitz app in addition to hotels handles flights, cars and cruises. Repeated users can earn Orbitz rewards that can be anywhere from 2-5% of a discount. It has the ability to find discounted last minute deals, and has an easy pre-fill in system with single screen booking. To take advantage of a lot of the advanced features, signing up for free is necessary but well worth the effort.


This is the most commercially successful app due to the genius character the Priceline Negotiator. This app features the patented ‘Name your own price’ system that works for hotels, flights, and cars. The Priceline app is one of the earliest travel apps to adopt integration with the Apple Watch. It’s free and easy to sign up, and is just about the most trusted app on the list.


Whether it is flight, car, or hotel, the Kayak app is a very underappreciated system that uses an up to date and surprisingly effective search algorithm. It does much of the same as the other apps, but separates itself with one of the better designs and booking systems. Everything is in your face and easy to understand, with the Mytrips page being a gorgeous display of effective touch screen use. Stability improvements have made this recent version rock solid, and there is a newer version in the works that will make great use of a new notification system.

The popular website has an equally popular free app, with the infamous rewards deal still in effect. For every 10 nights you book with, you get 1 free. This is a great deal that blows away even what Orbitz offers as far as rewards. Options available including paying when you book or when you stay at a hotel, passbook storage, 24/7 customer support within the app, and a great storage system for your payment details. The information stored is encrypted well, better than any other app on this list.


Lastly is Expedia, which not only incorporates hotels, cars, and flight all into one app-they include activities as well. Through the easy to use interface, users can pretty much plan their entire trip from top to bottom without ever leaving the app. For heavy users, a point system is in effect called Expedia+, in which users can earn triple the points. Hotel check out notifications and other alarms are set automatically or manually at your leisure. If used properly, Expedia is the only travel app that is needed on any of your devices.