The former pastor at the church I used to attend in Texas was a big Pittsburgh Steelers fan. He would talk about Pittsburgh, and I would talk about St. Louis. While my sports affiliation lies with St. Louis, I know well enough that Pittsburgh is also a very interesting city to explore. What would you think about doing first if you were heading to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania?

Since I’m a baseball fan, my first stop would have to be PNC Park. This baseball field is one of the top Pittsburgh attractions, so you might want to put it on your to do list. Catching a Pirates game can be a fun family time or a piece of Americana for any tourist in Pittsburgh. Plus, you’ll be in downtown Pittsburgh to catch a good meal somewhere. A big city like Pittsburgh is going to have plenty of restaurants.

Mount Washington is one of the top attractions in the city as well, and one of the main reasons is because of the picture taking opportunity with the view that you’re going to get from the top. According to the reviews, the popular way to get there is by taking what is called the incline. You’re going to be privy to some great eats along the way, evidently some great seafood by the way, and one reviewer mentioned going there numerous times, always getting ice cream.

Phipps Conservatory is another great attraction in Pittsburgh. One of the reviewers mentions an Orchid Room, and that is definitely one of the exhibits I’d like to see. You can tell with this example what you’re going to find here, and it is a very popular place for tourists. It’s the best botanical garden experience in Pittsburgh.

What should be your next stop? There are so many attractions in Pittsburgh that it can be hard to decide to do what’s next. What’s the best advice? Pick one and keep on going, one at a time. Pack as much fun as you can get in during your vacation in Pittsburgh.

For your next stop, maybe you’ll visit the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, or maybe you think Bicycle Heaven sounds unique and very interesting. Don’t forget to visit The Strip, as that could be a place where you spend tons of time. Get ready to enjoy all of what Pittsburgh has to offer, which might take a few months!